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The Fae world is not entirely connected to our own reality, and they move their world about as they please, just as they flit through the air with tiny wings. They love mischief, even if it's just a sweet treat left for a stranger with a note. They shimmer through the air in a playful world of their own.

You might try this guide if the following appeal to you:

  • mischievousness
  • light and airy
  • pastels and icies
  • Associations of: light, floaty, silly, playful, tricks or treats, insects, small details, iridescence. 

This 13 page PDF describes the Fae Archetype and includes recommendations for tops, bottoms, shoes, hair, accessories, fabrics, unique to this type color palettes, sample color combinations, and more.

After purchase you will be given a link to immediately download the file. Due to the digital nature, there are no refunds available for this purchase.

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