Garden Fairies

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Garden Fairies


Garden Fairies are likely to be found tending a luscious garden, enjoying fitness outdoors, or cooking a healthy and vibrant meal from their carefully tended garden to be shared around a full and lively table. They wave to you as you walk down the road, inviting you to stop and chat if you'd like. 

You might try this guide if the following appeal to you:

  • a colorful, vibrant, happy mood
  • slightly longer lines, head-to-toe cohesion, hint of 1950s and hint of the 1980s  
  • lots of color in every outfit, reminiscent of a garden
  • associations of: Splashy, punchy, colorful, garden, butterflies, flowers, geometrics, collage, seriously fun, healthy, mosaic, fruits and vegetables, insects, high contrast, high energy, friendly, short hair. 

Inside this 10 page PDF you will find: origin and meaning, keywords, translation into clothing, notes on color, a page of sample palettes for all four seasons, a page of sample color combinations for clothing, and 3 annotated fashion illustration in color- one outfit each of: pants, a skirt, and a dress.

See an example here.

After purchase you will be given a link to immediately download the file. Due to the digital nature, there are no refunds available for this purchase.

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