KLM10 Summer 2017 Challenge Follow Up

I tallied the points and contacted the winner. You all did so well I thought we might have a tie, and we very nearly did! In future rounds I won't do points and a prize, BUT I will try to carve out time to interact more during the challenge.

I hope you all followed the tags and links on the last post so you could see one another's fantastical looks. See if you can guess the type before reading the descriptions :)

One thing I noticed is that when going for a subtype, you really have to go all out in order to convey it, which makes it a much trickier challenge. It makes sense though- we have 9 base types and it takes some thought and effort to convey 1/9 (base types) but in order to convey 1/54 (base types + subtypes total) in a way that is clear requires that much more attention to every detail. 

Thanks again for playing and I hope to see you at it again in September <3